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Alhurani “loved the structure of the event

Alhurani “loved the structure of the event

When Alhurani told his mother he would participate in the singles event, “she was very excited for me,” he said. “Family has always been very important for me. The traditional way of meeting people in our community happens through introductions and who you know. ”

It was a beautiful experience and I met a lot of new people

In a survey before the event, they asked about beliefs and preferences, about personality, things you are willing to compromise on and things you aren’t. If they have someone that matches, you are invited to join the event.

“Some people are shy or feel weird or awkward to be at an event like this. But it didn’t feel like that. They break it down for you. From the time you come in, there is structure. You follow instructions. And the guy who was the host was super relaxed and laid back.